Mental Golf Secrets
Attention Golfers
If you want to improve your golf swing and your drive and lower your score. Then you need to work on your mental golf game. That's where all the leverage is in the game. Its not really in the equipment. Its in that golf ball that's between your ears.

PGA Golf Champions Secrets Revealed!
How To Unlock The Secrets of Legendary Golf That Guarantees You Will Increase Confidence,  Lower Your Score, Dominate In Tournaments And Leave Your Competition In The Sand!
Quickly and Easily
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Watch My Friend & Mentor Sports Hypnotherapist Peter Siegel
As He Hypnotizes a Golfer and He Demonstrates How YOU Can Work On The Mental Side
Of Golf and Show IMMEDIATE Improvement.

Here Is A Small Sample of What  this CD  or Mp3 will do for you: Starting with your very next round:

       You will  automatically be in  "the zone" instantly, and stay there!
        You will golf with unbreakable, unstoppable, unbeatable, self-confidence!

           You will automatically relax tension…enhancing your rhythm and your swing!
         Discover a secret "mental trigger" that instantly stops negative thinking and mind chatter!

·        Block out distractions such as noise and other people.      

  ·        Discover how to immediately break out of a slump even if you've been in one for a long time.

·        Automatically eliminate fear about mistakes and obstacles that causes mental tension!

·        You'll have a precision, laser like focus on each specific shot! 

·        You'll  eliminate "the yips" so that you sink more putts!

·        Develop  the most powerful visualization techniques used by top PGA pros.

·        Automatically have  your mind clear and calm no matter what's happening around you.

·        Learn what to do to snap back into "the zone" if you suddenly "loose it".

        You'll automatically visualize every aspect of your swing before you do it!

       You'll automatically visualize the game before you set foot on the course!

        You'll be able to see where the ball will land BEFORE it gets there.

         You'll ALWAYS see yourself as the winner of every round!

       As a result of these new beliefs in your subconscious mind your golf game will significantly improve!

       You will learn all of this - plus you will conquer your own personal golf challenges.  You'll get the big breakthrough that you need to propel yourself to the next level - so that you can "be all that you can be" as a golfer and get more of yourself then you've ever experienced before.
Remember, what you do before your swing determines 95% of the outcome.

Using it is easy:

       All you have to do is listen to this audio program 20 minutes every  ( at bedtime) day for 30 days. You can do so as part of a quick nap or at your regular bedtime and -        You will become deeply relaxed and the suggestions for being a more focused, more confident better golfer will go to your subconscious mind and ZOOM....You will be the golfer you have always dreamed of becoming.

I invite you to try my Hypnotic Golf  program 100% RISK FREE!
       Because, whenever we do business, I take all the risk - NOT YOU!

       You have nothing to risk because if it does not work for you for any reason at anytime ever just send it back for a FULL refund.  No weasel clauses, no questions asked. Just  a full refund  the same day that you return it.  I treat others  the  same way that I want to be treated.
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Every once in a while a really great golf improvement product comes along.  One that actually works.
This is one of them...

"Wow Took 6 Strokes Off My Golf Game After 2 Weeks!" -Donald G Hotton, Concord, California
"Now I Play Calmly and With Confidence." George Green, Dallas, Texas
"AMAZING!  I Now Love Golfing Again." Baret Caldori, Palm Beach Florida

This is the same mind technology that PGA Golf Pros use.

Mental Golf Game Tips, Hypnosis & Golf Psychology

Golf Swing Secret
Most Golfers Have
never heard of

Golfers everyone  wants to convince you that their GOLF device will magically  improve your game.
But mine really will.
Read these real testimonials then  keep reading and see if my  program is right for you or not.
Kindest Regards
Chris Cady

Dear Fellow  Golfer

If you are looking for Golf Tips to Improve Your Game! Quickly and Easily
       This is the most important golf tip  that you will ever read
       Here is why:
       The  tip that every golfer wants to learn has to do with hand and body position or some device...
       Every one wants to fix their problem by  getting the latest greatest "magic" club, "magic aerodynamically" designed ball or gizmo.
       The  manufacturers love you for thinking this way. It makes them rich and keeps their owners  golfing on the finest courses while you keep working hard to pay for their "gizmo of the week."
       But the  real truth is that  the solution to great golf  is located in that  super powerful ball between your ears.
       That's right, its all in your BRAIN!
You see
       What you do before your swing determines 95% of the outcome.
       That's why mastering golf's mental game is critical to your success as a golfer!

       You probably have  heard  about how top golfers such as VJ, Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus  use hypnosis to keep their mind focused, sharp, relaxed and mentally tough  but you  just didn't  know  how you could  really do that for yourself.

       But if you do what I'm about to tell you  - using the same  mind technology and mental conditioning ( hypnosis)  that  Tiger Woods, Jack and other PGA greats  use to dominate this wonderful game  becomes super easy.

       Sure they  have a strong  physical game, but its their  mental game that  allows them  to achieve mastery!

       Because of his ultra powerful mental game and superior mental focus, Tiger was able to win the U.S Open at Torrey  Pines with a broken leg.
       Because the human mind is so powerful.  What you do before your swing determines 95% of the outcome. That's why mastering golf's mental game is critical to your success.

       How do I know?

       I'm Chris Cady a Sports Hypnotherapist  and I have  helped my clients gain SIGNIFICANT improvements in golf,  bowling and a zillion other sports simply by learning to use the power of their mind to FOCUS, relax tension, gain confidence and get the result that they want instead of  more of what they don't want!!

       Usually when I work with a golf client we spend  several  hours with me hypnotizing them and then feeding their mind with powerful hypnotic suggestions for  relaxing, focusing,  being confident and blocking out distractions, letting go of negative thoughts and  filling their  mind on positive thoughts. 

       We also work on visualization skills which allow a golfer to  actually "see" before hand the exact outcome that they want before they  swing.
These powerful  techniques work like magic and lower the score of any golfer who uses them in record time.

       The challenge for most golfers though, is that they  either cant afford my services.

       This is why I have created a very  powerful hypnosis CD or MP3 called, "Hypnotic Golf."

       All you have to do is listen to it at  your bed time - And you will hear my calm relaxing  voice over the sounds of very soft peaceful music.

       You will relax your mind and body completely and  then I will speak to you using words that  will  automatically make you a focused, confident, relaxed 

and significantly better golfer.

Why am I doing this?

       Summer  is here and I know that  anyone who is a serious golfer wants  to get an edge on everyone else.
               You  need to know that  you have nothing to risk because if it does not work for you for any reason at anytime ever just send it back for a FULL refund.  No weasel clauses, no questions asked. Just  a full refund  the same day that you return it.  I treat others  the  same way that I want to be treated.
So that's it amigo, since all the risk is on me NOT YOU why not give it a try. 
There are  2 ways that you can pay for this
1) The first one is to  use  your credit card or paypal and click on the link shown here.
2) The  second way is to send me a check or money order in U.S. finds to  the address on this screen
Frankly though  - ordering online is the easiest and fastest way plus it is totally 100% secure!
Because I'm dedicated to helping you improve your golf I  really hope you see the benefit in  using the powerful part of your brain to  help you  in your golf game and
because I'm the one taking all of the risk- not you why not go ahead and give it a try today!
Kindest Regards Chris Cady Peak Performance Sports Hypnotherapist
  PS: If you came to me for a private session to improve  the mental game of  golf  I'd charge you $500.00 for a one hour session plus $77.00  for this  MP3 OR CD.   This is the best  risk free  offer for a golf  improvement  product offer ever so why not just go and do yourself  a big favor and  get yours now.
my ph number is 775-425-5847

Pete's brutal honesty, while still being caring and understanding, has helped take my game to the next level.  Through his methods, I’ve come to understand my strengths, and have built up my weaknesses.  And in doing so, I have become notably more confident and self-assured -- both on and off the course.

Working with Pete, and using the techniques in Movin' Yourself Further Up The Mountain!©  has decidedly helped me improve the quality of my golf game; Pete Siegel’s influence has helped me achieve one of my lifelong dreams...making the PGA Tour.”

James McLean
PGA tour playing professional

To play your best golf consistently, you need unwavering confidence and focus as much as you do skill with your clubs.

Developing performance strengthening confidence and focus is what "Movin' Yourself Further Up The Mountain!" is all about.  Pete Siegel's methods help you cultivate these factors efficiently, and decisively.

You go to the driving range and putting green to continually improve with your driver, irons and putter; this book masterfully helps you do the same with your mental game!

Natalie Gulbis
LPGA Tour Playing Professional

Any top golf pro will tell you that the difference between winning and losing on tour is mental toughness. While there are countless golf-instruction books that aim to teach the average golfer how to swing a club better, few offer instructions on how to master golf's mental game.  Pete Siegel does just that, providing specific, action-oriented steps and strategies that all golfers can follow before, during and after their round.

Scott Smith
Senior Editor, Instruction/Golf Digest

Pete Siegel turns the complexities of the mind -- and its resultant effects on our bodies -- into a simple, but powerful, way for the rest of us to understand.  Better yet, he then shows us how we can master our thoughts and turn them into practical ways that enable us to "climb that mountain" we know as the game of golf.

Rick Johnson
Managing Editor/Natural Golfer magazine

The mental game is golf's last frontier, and Pete Siegel is one of its cutting edge explorers.

Jaime Diaz
Senior writer/Golf Digest

Pete Siegel's newest program Movin' Yourself Further Up The Mountain!© is completely new and lucid mental instruction for peak performance.  It distills the basic fundamentals for playing that rarest type of golf--with absolute confidence every time.  No golfer who wishes to play better can afford not to give it their undivided attention.

Colin Sheehan
Senior Editor/The Golfer Magazine

All players sense ability beyond what they usually bring onto the course.  Pete Siegel's easy-to-understand, targeted methods help players find and connect with this increased ability within. This book provides serious players with mental/emotional strategies they can use to bring forth and demonstrate this ability... consistently.

Jason Sowards
Editor In Chief/Golf Illustrated

Movin' Yourself Further Up The Mountain!© provides definite methods for mastering the mental side of the game that all golfers, particularly competitive players, can benefit from.

Mike Chwasky
Senior Editor/Golf Tips Magazine

All golfers look for an ‘edge’ to improve their games.  Siegel's program of mastering golf's mental game gives them that, plus!

Bob Koczor
Publisher and Editor/Golf Today Magazine

The truly wonderful part of Siegel's approach to instruction is its simplicity.  Siegel's program is a focus on possibilities rather than a flood of physical impossibilities.  He provides you lasered mental focus, an edge in improving and competing in the game.

Kirk C. Taylor
Managing Editor/Golfer's Guide

Golfer Tells All About Hypnosis For Golf
Here is a REAL
Review from real golfers

My name is Andy Gilbertsen. I got your golf CD because of the success that I had with your bowling CD.

My results were equally pleasing. I have only been playing golf for four seasons. This year I got

your  CD and usually listened two or three times a week. I am happy to say that my efforts paid

off with a 9 stroke lower handicap, a virtually unbeaten streak against my friends and co-

workers, low score at our company outing ( I also won  a closest to the pin and longest drive) I

broke the mid 80's numerous times and I have shot an 80 for the first time this season. The icing

on the cake was the two "Hole In One Shots that I made just two months apart after using your CD. I

was of course ecstatic when I got the first hole in one and absolutely freaked out when I got the

second one. I now hit longer and straighter, I am able to hit much better approach shots, I have

sunk numerous long breaking putts, also my attitude, frustration threshold and concentration has

improved immensely from using your CD. Thanks for the help with y mental game. Can't wait till

next year. I definitely feel my best golf is ahead of me.

Andy Gilbertsen, Orland Park, IL

below are golf reviews and quotes for another golf program soon to be listed here

Advance Praise For Movin' Yourself Further Up The Mountain!©

    Following are quotes we've already received in support of this program.

But I don't really expect you to believe me.
If you are a skeptic
click here to read a real letter from a golfer

This is the place to find the golf tips that you need if you want to become a better golfer in less time.

If you really want to improve your  swing and your drive and lower your score. Then you need to work on your mental game. That's where all the leverage is in the game of golf.  Its not in the equipment. Its in the golf ball that's  between your ears.

Since I'm the one taking all the risk NOT YOU
Why not get  your Hypnotic Golf Mental Game Training Program today.

Before you make your GOLF decision

New Golf Club?

or just work on your mental game

The Secrets of Legendary Golf  Is Not in a New Golf Club
To find out what most golfers will never learn, keep reading,,,

Dear Fellow  golfer

Every time a golfer finds out I'm a hypnotist who helps golfers with sports psychology and the mental game of golf
they always ask me a fw questions about the mental game of golf and then they immediately want to  tell me about their club  ask me about golf clubs.

I have to remind every golfer that even though I can help you with the mental game of golf.  I do not golf. If I did golf I would not spend much time or money on upgrading my golf club. I would spend the time and money on the mental game of golf which is about focus, self confidence and staying calm and mentally strong.   Pro golfers and serious tournament golfers do this by using hypnosis. This is  where I come in.
I cant and wont discuss golf clubs.
       The  real truth is that  the solution to great golf  is located in that  super powerful golf ball between your ears.
       That's right, its all in your BRAIN!

If you are looking for a golf swing tip to improve your golf swing  very quickly
this is the most important page that you will ever read
Here is why:
Golf magazines,  dvds, books and golf pros are filled with tips about how to perfect your  swing,etc
but very few ever  talk about the # 1 golfing swing tip that will improve your game very quickly.

this tip is  that before you ever swing at a golf ball to work on seeing the golf swing that you want in your mind before you do it
Whenever a golfer asks me to help them with their golf swing and I tell them that the way for a golfer to improve their golf swing  is to work on
it mentally before they work on it physically they look at like
"How is that gonna help my golf swing?"
But the truth is that  this is where all the leverage in your swing is because your mind controls your body so the first place to practice your golf swing is in your head.
So if you really are looking for a golf swing tip that you can use right away
Here it is
Before your next round spend 1 minute focusing on deep breathing, calming and quieting your mind. Then visualize the exact swing that you want to happen and in your mind see it happening. Be calm, be confident that you have the swing that you want and that your golf ball goes exactly where you want it to.

This is the easiest golf swing tip I could ever give you that does not need much explaining or cost any money.
If you want to know more  about how this works CHECK OUT MY HYPNOTIC GOLF program

"Wow Took 6 Strokes Off My Golf Game After 2 Weeks!"
-Donald G Hotton, Concord, California
"Now I Play Calmly and With Confidence."
George Green, Dallas, Texas
"AMAZING!  I Now Love Golfing Again."
Baret Caldori, Palm Beach Florida

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